B-Boy Bulletin: Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ album out Monday!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Live and Direct from Supercharged Music From: SuperCharged To: Ollie Lewis Date: Fri Jul 02, 2004 01:40:59 PM BST Subject: Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ album out Monday! After over a year of blood sweat and beers Against The Grain are very proud to announce the release of their first artist album… Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ … Read moreB-Boy Bulletin: Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ album out Monday!

Right to Bear Arms

Reading Time: 1 minute Be very afraid link to the Something Awful forum where Roland Tower has made a flame thrower from everyday parts available from a B&Q. The only thing stopping being as good as military one is that it uses too light a fuel and does not have a heavier sticky base (though a quick trip to … Read moreRight to Bear Arms


Reading Time: 2 minutes US music festival Lollapalooza has a similar standing in the UK to Glastonbury or the Mean Fiddler events. It is best known to UK audiences for appearing in at least one Simpsons episode (where Cypress Hill jam with a symphony orchestra). Due the reaganomic policies of the Bush administration it will not be going ahead … Read moreLollabamboozled

Moore Film Dials 911

Reading Time: 1 minute A posting on Interesting-People.org. US adverts for Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11 could be stopped from July 30 if the Federal Election Commission (FEC) accepts the legal advice of its lawyers. At the same time, a Republican-allied 527 soft-money group is preparing to file a complaint against Moores film with the FEC for violating campaign-finance law. … Read moreMoore Film Dials 911

Big Issue Orbital Obituary

Reading Time: 1 minute I picked up the latest issue of the Big Issue and they have an interview with Orbital on their last ever album and gig. Its funny, its amusing, its also the passing of an era. However, the brothers have indicated that they will be working on different projects in the future. There is also a … Read moreBig Issue Orbital Obituary