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Donald Byrd

Renowned artist Donald Byrd died the other week and Blue Note paid tribute to him by posting his concert from the 1973 Montreux Jazz Festival on SoundCloud and allowed fans to listen to it for free. I love the accompanying notes that label president Don Was wrote for the release. Listen here.

byrd, donald- places and spaces
My favourite Donald Byrd album – Spaces And Places

Donald Byrd was known as one of the rare bebop jazz musicians who successfully explored funk and soul while remaining a jazz artist. As a bandleader, he had an influence on the early career of Herbie Hancock. More culture related content here.


BBC News – North Sea oil investment at 30-year high, industry says

Consumer behaviour

40% of consumers are unaware that Google Adwords are adverts | Econsultancy

Mobile Society Research Institute Home ≫ Mobile Phone use by children and its effect on children 2012

Press Release – 2012 Digital Lifestyle Study | J.D. Power

Why Consumers May Be On Crash Course – consumers are clipping coupons at a rate not seen since before the 2007 recession.

How to

From Harlem Shake to Tutorials: How Socialbakers uses YouTube | Social Media Statistics & Metrics – Socialbakers

3 Paths Toward A More Creative Life | Co.Design

Interflora SEO Penalty Analysis 2013 – Martin MacDonald


Yoshida in NY: Sony snaps out of NIH syndrome – the interesting aspect of this is that games developers really didn’t like massively parallel systems for programming, the challenge will be how to be innovative when trying to be partner-centric


Marketing, DKNY’s “theft” caught on Facebook |


Nikki Usher: The IHT wasn’t just a brand or a history — it was an alternate editorial lens » Nieman Journalism Lab – interesting retrospective of the International Herald Tribune

Transport for London unveils Penguin series to mark 150th anniversary – Brand Republic News – a really nice idea, particularly when one thinks about the synergy in London of reading a book on the commute

2013 Digital Future in Focus Series – comScore, Inc – they also have a series of webinars to present the data as well

Startup LocalResponse Targets Twitter Conversations With Display Ads – Ad Age Mobile

Moscow’s speed cameras ‘knackered’ by MYSTERY malware • The Register – you couldn’t make this up…

New Anti-Piracy System to Hit U.S. Internet Users on Monday

Martin Sorrell on What’s Next – Harvard Business Review

Mindshare – The Global Media Network – Vine, Video Sharing by Twitter


Facebook’s new search struggles with the real world | The Verge


Digital Media Strategies: Dennis Publishing and New Scientist on evolving consumer publishing | TheMediaBriefing – interesting how Dennis was moving away from InDesign

Samsung finally folding Bada OS into Tizen | The Verge – interesting move given that Tizen is a more fully-featured operating system and Bada was aimed at more downmarket phones

Mozilla previews Firefox OS with four phone makers and 18 operators onboard – Computerworld – looks like taking a second run at WebOS type eco-system a la Palm

Framebase • The best programmers are the quickest to Google

NPR News Apps | How to build a news app that never goes down and costs you practically nothing


Apple Is Solving Supply-Demand Problem, Selling More iMacs – AllThingsD

Why don’t MacBooks come with cellular networking? –


Bits v. Bytes: Follow the money | asymco

SK Telecom denies 4G ‘curse’ – probably explains why all the major Korean carriers got fined for over subsidising handsets…

France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard Talks Apple, Regulators – AllThingsD – interesting carrier takes on Nokia and Blackberry

Samsung’s Heft in Android Worries Google – – market power could go away from Google to Samsung

Samsung’s Ill-Conceived Apple VoiceOver Suit Stayed in Germany – AllThingsD – the ramifications for Samsung’s reputation are interesting

Apple, Samsung patent hearing ‘unprecedented’ in Australia – consolidated charges, the thing that surprises me is why they are fighting so hard over a small market like Australia?