Sometimes you can’t be right

Reading Time: 1 minute   Timbuk2 have been working with Rootphi on making supermarket carrier bags into a suitably robust fabric to make Timbuk2 messenger bags. I have used Timbuk2 bags for years, they are made of ballastic nylon, heavy gauge cordura or x-Pac (which is used to make around the world racing boat sails), so the supermarket bag … Read moreSometimes you can’t be right

A site named Sue

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Johnny Cash sung A Boy named Sue, he knew the value of a name. I thought of Johnny Cash, when I was reading danah boyd’s blog. danah talked about her new car and the way she named it and I thought about my first ride. My first car was a dilapidated Fiat 500 called … Read moreA site named Sue

Its not them, it’s us

Reading Time: 1 minute Filed under: marketing, consumer, design, business, consumer behaviour, electronics, technology — renaissancechambara @ 10:28 pm Commodore Vic 20 Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I got forwarded an interesting link from ‘Americans Spend an Average of $1,200 Annually on Gadgets — but Don’t Understand Much of the Tech They’re Buying‘ that highlighted research about consumers and … Read moreIts not them, it’s us

Uploading innovation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Uploading Innovation was an unconference organised by Policyunplugged and NESTA. I was invited to attend by Steve Moore; I had no expectations about what to expect. After a short stand-up lunch that allowed me to meet a couple of the attendees. Compared to other events that I have been to, there was a high proportion … Read moreUploading innovation

Seidenberg’s Folly?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Who is Ivan Seidenberg? Ivan Seidenberg is head of Verizon, a U.S. telecoms company based in New Jersey, they jointly own one of the U.S.’s largest mobile phone operators with Vodafone and are provide landlines to Americans living on the eastern seaboard. They are a direct descendant of the Bell Telephone Co. a former telecoms … Read moreSeidenberg’s Folly?