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Maze restaurant

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In many other countries the best restaurants are often found in a good quality hotel; in London you have a lot of restaurants out of hotels in areas like Mayfair and Soho. Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant is inside the London Marriott Grosvenor Square hotel. Grosvenor Square is a bit out of my stomping ground, but […]

London through a tourist’s eyes

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My friend Tomoko was in London the other week and it was interesting seeing what excited her about London, as Tomoko’s London is very different from my own. Firstly ‘knowing London’ means knowing central and Northwest London rather than central and East London. Shoreditch, Clerkenwell and Soho aren’t attractive; St Johns Wood and Mayfair are […]

Slugger O’Toole – social & print

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The people at Taylor Bennett and Unicorn Jobs invited me along to an event which discussed social media and how it relates to the mainstream media. The panelists were Drew Benvie, Simon Nixon of Breakingviews and Mick Fealty of Slugger O’Toole and the Brassneck blog at the Daily Telegraph. Here is the notes that I […]

V and A

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On Saturday, I continued my sporadic tour of London’s cultural highpoints: Fabric, Smith of Smithfields, The End, Flying Records, Phonica, The Science Museum and now the Victoria & Albert Museum known informally as the V and A. The museum is very disorientating despite the map that they provide you with on the way in. In […]

Science Museum with my Dad

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Mission to the science museum My parents came down for the weekend. While my Mam was content to chill out and do some knitting whilst listening to Daniel O’Donnell slaughtering country and western standards, my Dad and I were at a loss for something to do. Having been told by my friend Kirsty who has […]