Ged Carroll

Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition, 180 Strand, London

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Having been involved in a number of events over the past couple of years where creative digital work intersected with experiential marketing I was keen to look at Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition before it closed. Burberry tends to get the plaudits for digital experiences in the luxury sector and they do a lot of […]

MWC 2015 from the Sidelines: Day One

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In covering MWC 2015 yesterday I talked about the pre-event Sunday consumer product launches. These launches continued into Monday with Microsoft revealing more about Windows 10 alongside some mid-range smartphones. Sony’s press event was notable for both its style and content. Sony took a lower key approach to the show than in previous years. It hinted […]

Dreadzone at Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge

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It has become a tradition that my friend Simon and I meet up to catch Dreadzone on their annual tour last Friday. Simon had come in from Saudi Arabia so its a pretty big deal for us. This was the first time I had been to a gig at Under The Bridge. The space is […]

The Today Club

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I have advised the founders of the Today Club in Shenzhen since January. Shenzhen has changed a lot. It is no longer just a place of industry, but also has a large financial industry. It’s stock market acts as tech oriented exchange for China. In addition, Shenzhen has built up a creative scene of sorts. […]

Independent coffee shops

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I didn’t have time to try many of the independent coffee shops around Seoul but did try a few in Gyeongju and Ulsan. Here is a little about two of the best that I came across. Cafe 737 Cafe 737 is a family-run coffee in the tourist town of Gyeongju. I loved it because of […]