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The future starts here & other things this week

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I had an amazing opportunity to see the V&A exhibition The Future Starts Here as a preview. The Future Starts Here is a collection of 100 objects that the V&A think might be indicators of the near future. smart appliances to satellites, artificial intelligence to internet culture, this exhibition brought together more than 100 objects […]

Out and about: Chasing the Dragon

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October has been amazing month of cinema releases for me. The last I am going to write about is Chasing The Dragon. Hong Kong cinema is considered to be in its death throws. There are small independent films of course, but its far from its hey day with production houses known around the world like Shaw […]

Out and about: Blade Runner 2049

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*** No plot spoilers*** Where do you start when talking about Blade Runner 2049 – the most hyped film of the year? Blade Runner 2049 starts up some 20 years after the original film. It captures the visuals of the original film, moving it onwards.  The plot has a series of recursive sweeps that tightly […]

Vivienne Wei + more things

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Vivienne Wei WeChat consumer perspective  by Chinese video blogger Vivienne Wei. Vivienne Wei put together this great video about how WeChat is the Swiss Army knife of apps in China. It is a great consumer perspective on how WeChat works. Carl Jr resets Carl Jr is a casual eating restaurant chain in the US. It […]

In2 Innovation Summit

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In2 Innovation summit   I got invited to The Holmes Report‘s In2 Innovation summit. This happened earlier in the day than The Sabre EMEA awards.    Here were my takeouts from the In2 Innovation summit in no particular order:   Brad Staples presentation on reputation in a fake news environment gave me deja vu. It […]