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WWDC – the morning after the night before

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The keynote of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (why WWDC then? I don’t know, its apparently ungrammatical) gave people a lot of food for thought. It was like one of them evenings when you meet a beautiful girl, but in the cold morning light you see that her personality and looks makes even waking up next to Carl Icahn appear more attractive:

  • MobileMe – sounds like service pack to fix the things currently wrong with .mac and a re-brand to hide the fact that its a service pack
  • iPhone 3G – puny camera, no video creation, 3G put the phone one-to-two generations behind the equivalent Nokia products running HSDPA and a phone screen design that looks as vulnerable to damage as ever
  • Cellphone businesses – it will be interesting to see how 3G affects the real-world user experience of iPhone users and if data consumption will climb massively. How will the subsidised 3G handsets affect Apple’s and the carriers margins from their mobile business. Will they make the difference up in increased sales volumes instead?
  • iPhone AppStore – no real news here that was any different from March except the price of upgrading an iPod Touch to v.2 of the iPhone OS – 20 USD. Will Apple have the regular upgrade as part of its business model as well as being a software application broker?
  • Enterprise – much was made of the support for Exchange server, what about Unix equivalents LDAP, IMAP etc?
  • iPhone SDK – there was nothing in the news around the software development kit that we hadn’t heard in March apart from how the iPhone’s ‘push’ API worked, but it must have been there when AOL demoed AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) back in March? Sega’s Super Monkey Ball was ready back in March
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Size 0 works for me

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OK so the title was a poor play on the controversy over skinny models on the catwalks, but I wanted to share this product with you. Logitech

the Swiss-based maker of computer bits from mice to iPod accessories have purchased Slim Devices; makers of some really cool looking digital media centres called the Squeeze Box (which looks like a grown-up version of Sonos) and the Transporter (the network media player pictured) for some 20 million USD.The guts of the box is based on open source software that enthusiast users have modified and enhanced. Kudos to VentureBeat.

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Cool Marketing Campaign and the Palm News

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I noticed a clever marketing campaign in this evenings thelondonpaper whilst on the train home. The print advertising campaign and marketing website features life coach Pete Cohen. Many of the people who will move to a CapitalOne card will be in a bit of a bind and looking to consolidate debt at a lower interest rate. The marketing campaign tries to catch prospective consumers in more positive frame of mind by targeting those people who are looking to transform their lives. Its a smart move and helps to remove some of the parasitic nature that has tainted consumer perceptions of the CapitalOne brand.

The credit card industry has usually been based on blitzkrieg direct mail campaigns and cut-throat promotional rates that create customer churn.

Palm have belatedly entered the middle market with a cheaper smartphone. According to CoolHunting the phone corrects many of the deficiencies of the Treo 650. Engadget has a blow-by-blow account of the press conference and there was some interesting omissions:

  • No price announced for the device
  • No wifi
  • No Skype (but then carriers will block VoIP running over GPRS, EDGE or 3G so no point)
  • No news on Mac synchronisation

Some tie-ins with Yahoo! Music, Google and eBay, but no tie-in with Flickr or PhotoBucket so it probably features the usual Palm crapmera.

The lack of an aerial and curves improve the tactile nature of the phone, but the materials and finish still look cheap. Palm could take some lessons in product design from Nokia or Apple to get the look and feel of materials improved.

Its a step in the right direction, but there are better PalmOS devices out there. Details from Palm of the Treo 680 here, image courtesy of Palm.

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Thanks to Lifehacker for a handy software plug-in that allows you to play a range of different video file formats through QuickTime.I also love the application icon design, a much classier reinterpretation of the Swiss Army knife than the Really Useful Company logo.

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Tips from the Pros

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I finally got around to reading the Howto Guide that came with Wired magazine a few issues back. Some of the most useful content was in the Geek Squad advertorial. In particular the tip for freezing a crashed drive, in order to give you enough time to get your data off.

  • Remove the drive from the computer, place it in a plastic bag and remove all the air
  • Place the bag in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour
  • Take the bag out of the freezer and carefully remove any ice that has formed on the drive casing. Take special care to avoid touching the circuit board
  • Hook the hard drive back up to the computer and remove all important files from it