You are not safe

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been catching up on Halt and Catch Fire. It is a fiction based on various aspects of Silicon Valley lore. I have enjoyed watching it immensely to a point. I was especially struck by  episode eight in the third series. One of the main characters in series three hacks his employer and releases […]

Ten years of the Kindle

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ten years of the Kindle, just let that settle in for a moment. That has blown by. Amazon is celebrating 10 years of the Kindle so it makes sense to reflect on the device and the service. Ten years ago today, we launched the first-ever Kindle. Happy 10th birthday @AmazonKindle and thank you to all […]

Oprah time: The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone by Brian Merchant

Reading Time: 2 minutes I bought The One Device when it came out in July and have gone back and forth reading it. I’d read books on Silicon Valley before; the Apple eulogy  Insanely Great by Steven Levy which told of the graft and hard work that went into the original Macintosh or Where Wizards Stay Up Late by […]

Future of Web Development (according to Samsung)

Reading Time: 1 minute Interesting presentation the future of web development that says much about Samsung’s agenda. This includes: Increased web application functionality. Web sites that behave like applications including privacy, security, fast / responsive, offline working and OS level notifications – getting to where Palm’s webOS wanted to go Integration of speech control and recognition into web experiences […]

Apple Special Event and Security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple’s facial recognition has spurred a number of discussions about the privacy trade-offs in the iPhone X. Experts Weigh Pros, Cons of FaceID Authentication in iPhone X | Dark Reading – One concern about FaceID is in its current implementation, only one face can be used per device, says Pepijn Bruienne, senior R&D engineer at […]