Future of Web Development (according to Samsung)

Reading Time: < 1 minute Interesting presentation the future of web development that says much about Samsung’s agenda. This includes: Increased web application functionality. Web sites that behave like applications including privacy, security, fast / responsive, offline working and OS level notifications – getting to where Palm’s webOS wanted to go Integration of speech control and recognition into web experiences … Read moreFuture of Web Development (according to Samsung)

Apple Special Event and Security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple’s facial recognition has spurred a number of discussions about the privacy trade-offs in the iPhone X. Experts Weigh Pros, Cons of FaceID Authentication in iPhone X | Dark Reading – One concern about FaceID is in its current implementation, only one face can be used per device, says Pepijn Bruienne, senior R&D engineer at … Read moreApple Special Event and Security

Apple Special Event – key outtakes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Key takeouts from the Apple special event with a little bit of analysis   Retail First presentation by Angela Ahrendts. There is a question of why she hadn’t presented at previous keynotes.  My read on it is that that the revenue per square foot metric beloved of retail analysts will tumble. Apple seems to be taking the … Read moreApple Special Event – key outtakes

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Reading Time: 2 minutes Qualcomm’s new chipset allows cars to communicate with each other | SiliconAngle Tech companies spend more on R&D than any other companies in the U.S. – Recode – not particularly surprising in a world of shareholder value, whether that money well spent is another topic If Unilever Can’t Make Feel-Good Capitalism Work, Who Can? – … Read moreLinks of the day | 在网上找到

Internet of Things or Internet of Sh__?

Reading Time: < 1 minute The internet of Things (IoT) is in a quandary. On the one side the kind of utopian hype that only technology companies can muster, but the reality is different. Wearables as a category has not met the (perhaps unfair) expectations of the technology sector. Smart home products have had issues and consumers have rightly been … Read moreInternet of Things or Internet of Sh__?