The great resignation

Reading Time: 2 minutes The great resignation The great resignation was one of the defining terms of 2021. In the wake of COVID-19 vaccinations; resignations in the US ran at a consistently high record rate.1 There is no definitive explanation of why the great resignation is happening. There may be a number of contributing factors: COVID-19 had temporarily stemmed… Continue reading The great resignation

Angry Britain + other news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Angry Britain Radicalised normal: how Britain fell to the conspiracy… – The Face – interesting essay. But one that I think under estimates the nature of what I’ve called angry Britain. Angry Britain don’t like the speed of change, they’re drawn from all classes of society. Angry Britain encompasses National Trust members who feel its fine… Continue reading Angry Britain + other news

Angela Merkel + more things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Angela Merkel The elections in Germany marks the end of 16 years run with Angela Merkel as the Chancellor of Germany. Helmut Kohl was in office for only slightly longer. It feels like the end of an age, and in one sense it is. Most Germans believe their ‘golden age’ is over, poll finds –… Continue reading Angela Merkel + more things