I like: Nick Bostrom: Superintelligence talk at Google

Really interesting talk to listen to over lunch from Nick Bostrom on how the future and innovation may affect society. Real blue sky thinking that science fiction tends to be better at rather than academics.

The video is on YouTube so may not be visible to all readers.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Google Suffers New Privacy Setback in Japan – WSJ – similar ruling to the landmark one in Spain that set up the right to be forgotten

FireChat Wasn’t Meant For Protests. Here’s How It Worked (Or Didn’t) at Occupy Central | TechPresident – interesting critique on FireChat as a technology platform

Network service providers in China ordered to provide user data | WantChinaTimes – brings law into line with US, UK, Australia, Sweden etc

DRS Unveils Very Small SIGINT Sensor « Breaking Defense – interesting commercial applications

Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline – here we go again…

Gates and Ballmer NOT ON SPEAKING TERMS – report | The Register – this is a bit sad, I think Gates was right about not buying Nokia though

“PR should punch above its weight in the mix,” says WPP chief Sorrell | PR Week – interesting piece from Martin Sorrell. I feel that there is substantial dissonance between what he’s said and the reality

How China’s anti-umbrella propaganda failed in Hong Kong | Quartz – interesting consumer media consumption patterns. A smart government would use this data and adapt their approach accordingly

Surging Mac sales put Apple among top five global PC vendors for first time, IDC says | AppleInsider – ok there are issues around the sales figures collected by the analyst houses

HTC’s Desire Eye wants to be the king of selfies | The Verge – interesting move, is it a fad?

Stealth, countermeasures, and ELINT | CIA – interesting early history on stealth

Unilever, BT Group, Coca-Cola, Marks & Spencer and Carlsberg have founded a new online media on sustainable living—Collectively.org – interesting that they are banding together, says a lot about the media industry

囧司徒每日秀中文网 Daily Show – Chinese fan curated content of John Stewart’s Daily Show

Facebook Readies App Allowing Anonymity – NYTimes.com – we’ll see, I am sure that there is an angle somewhere on this

iOS 8 Adoption Stagnates Just Two and a Half Weeks After Launch – Mac Rumors – the comments section is particularly interesting

CAN at the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” (11/12 October 2014) – this looks amazing

Things that made my day this week

Friday came and went as I tried to clear items from my to do list. Here is a list of things that made my day over the past week.

A really interesting video with Wal-Mart that looks at the interface between online and offline retailing. Particularly interesting take on mobile payment form factors.

The reality of watch water resistance is that it is usually measured in a pressurised laboratory rig. Five years ago Casio took their Frogman model from the G-Shock range and did the test in open water off the coast of Japan. It shows the reality of the watch being exposed to a depth of 200M. The two most disappointing aspects of this video are:

  • It hasn’t got as much viewer love as it deserves
  • They failed to come across any diakaiju during the dive and we don’t know what Japan’s beloved son Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira) thinks of the G-Shock range

Citizenfour the Edward Snowden documentary launched this week, which prompted a lot of NSA product name silliness including too much time spent on the NSA Product Name Generator

The people at Rocket News have come up with a new take on the Japanese mascot meme with Hard Ku**mon. More here.

Finally I have been working my way through NASA’s collection of iPad and iPhone applications, more here.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’ transforms any room into a giant Xbox game | The Verge – interesting idea, taking immersive experiences to the next level

Analysis: What’s Next For Waggener Edstrom? | Holmes Report – interesting analysis on WaggEd. An ideal acquisition target for BlueFocus?

The overstated financial impact of Occupy Central | Hong Kong Economic Journal Insight – interesting analysis of the market implications of recent events in Hong Kong

FBI Director: China Has Hacked Every Big US Company | Business Insider – admission that law enforcement is impotent in the face of widespread hacking. Given that security is so lax, this is yet another great argument for strong cryptography

When review tapes were ‘kind of bicycled around from one TV critic to another’ | Jim Romenesko – two things about this, firstly media being biked around for review. Secondly the way the reviewer talks about his habit for following live events on TVs reminded me of the social channel hopping I do today across Twitter lists

Weibo: TCL dotes on HTC, LinkedIn’s Shen warns of bubble | SCMP – is a tie-up with TLC what HTC needs?

John Legere on running a modern cellular network

John Legere knows how to work his crowd, a technology CEO channelling Lenny Bruce with a mix of common sense and expletive strewn humour. Beneath that showmanship is an interesting analysis from the inside of what its like to run a modern cellular carrier business.

The video is on YouTube so may not be available for all readers.