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Brexit Max

Reading Time: < 1 minute Brexit Max – Theresa May’s speech this afternoon was neatly lampooned by the Financial Times on Instagram Parts of Theresa May’s Brexit speech had all the subtlety of the opening scene of The Godfather. The FT’s Robert Shrimsley writes: “The not-all-that-subliminal message is that Britain is a nation with a history of standing by its… Continue reading Brexit Max

Can Brexit segmentation be part of a marketing strategy?

Reading Time: 7 minutes This chain of thought on Brexit segmentation got fired up when my Facebook filled up with calls to petition British Airways to strop the distribution of the Daily Mail, mainly because of headlines like: There are at least 16 million consumers that would broadly fit within the brexiter segment. When one looks at the demographic… Continue reading Can Brexit segmentation be part of a marketing strategy?

Brexit part 2

Reading Time: 10 minutes I was prompted to write Brexit part 2 based on the many questions from friends living outside the UK – who are trying to make sense of what is going on. Brexit is a portmanteau of ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’. The exit being from the European Union. In 2013, David Cameron announced that a conservative government… Continue reading Brexit part 2