Pro Brexit town + more news

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Pro Brexit town 

Welcome to the most pro Brexit town in Britain | FT – One thickset Lithuanian man asked why English people did not seem to like foreign workers. “They complain about us,” he said. “But why they not do the work?” – A lot of small towns dominated by food production, warehousing or agriculture became a pro Brexit town. The reason isn’t that hard, emigration disproportionately affects people at the bottom


Apple’s record quarter by the numbers – Six Colors – the iPad’s bright spots are in China and India – its basically a media playback device


Why Donald Trump is declaring war on all fronts | Hong Kong Economic Journal Insights – Trump’s approach has quite a lot in common with Mao Zedong’s class-struggle philosophy. Nice analysis


Fullstopnewparagraph — Freelance copywriter | London – really nicely designed site via our Matt


Europe after Brexit | Control Risks – basically the EU is better off without the UK

No ‘new London’ in EU after Brexit – RTE – more likely to be geographically fragmented around specialisms such as insurance, fund management etc


3D TV is officially dead as Sony and LG stop making sets | FierceCable – “Purchase process research showed it’s not a top buying consideration, and anecdotal information indicated that actual usage was not high. We decided to drop 3D support for 2017 in order to focus our efforts on new capabilities such as HDR, which has much more universal appeal.”


Nine Fears about The Future of Data & Technology – Edelman – interesting research with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre

Vanishing point: the rise of the invisible computer | The Guardian – there is also the question of usability as well


Important Announcement Regarding Club Penguin on Desktop and Mobile Devices | Club Penguin – wow, it had been a stalwart of virtual purchases and child friendly social networks for a good number of years. I wonder what the new platform will look like


Bosch, Cisco, Gemalto and More: Tech Giants Team Up For Blockchain-IoT – CoinDesk – Buzzword compliance, but what’s wrong with strong crypto without cloud intermediation?


The once-mocked iPhone Plus has proven to be Apple’s best bet in years | Quartz – interesting that the article is viewing it from a very western-centric viewpoint. Big phones were in APAC for years before iPhone

Communities Dominate Brands: Deloitte Counted 120 Million Used Smartphones Were Sold in 2016 (growth of 50% vs 2015) – Understanding the second-hand handset market

Seven years after its launch, it’s still not entirely clear what an iPad is for | Quartz – I know that feeling well