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BREXIT – Letter to MPs from a Remain voter: a plea for realism, tolerance and honesty – this gives a great background read on how the UK chose to go Brexit. It’s also a blueprint of how project fear is likely to turn into project understating the full calamity

Osborne abandons 2020 budget surplus target – BBC News – he wasn’t likely to meet it anyway but this emphasises how bad it is

Juncker on EU critics: Nobody says what they want – POLITICO – no one in Brussels could have stopped the Brexit train

How Britain stays in the EU – POLITICO – err no it probably won’t. The most interesting thing for me was leavers saying, I won’t benefit but I want others to suffer too

The New Furby Definitely Will Not Kill You In Your Sleep | Refinery 29 – it was only a matter of time for an app enabled Furby

We broadcast from TV to Facebook Live for 24 hours. Here’s what we learned. — Medium – In addition to not getting a push notification, we believe that Continuous Live Videos are not distributed in the News Feed in a similar way to their non-Continuous counterparts. When we started our first stream on Thursday, we wondered how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm would deal with a 24-hour video. The answer, it seems, was simple: it doesn’t – some great insights via the Aljazeera labs team

News Feed FYI: Helping Make Sure You Don’t Miss Stories from Friends | Facebook Newsroom – pages downgraded again in audience feeds

Huawei MateBook review: this tablet wants to be a PC, but misses the basics | The Verge – triumph of design over usefulness, poor battery life.

Group M sues Ebiquity over ‘misuse’ of confidential documents | Campaign – interesting case, if I was a client of WPP I would be asking why

Line Files to Go Public | CCS Insight – really nice history of LINE messenger

Pro-‘Brexit’ City of Sunderland Glad to Poke Establishment in the Eye – The New York Times – “We’re segregated from the south, and the north is a barren wasteland,” he said, wearing a heavy black leather jacket with metal studs despite the summer heat. “It’s us against them.” “The E.U. is a mystery to us,” he added. “We’ve never heard about it up here.”

Mobile app shops: Diversify or die | VentureBeat – because downloads are declining