Grokking Google

Reading Time: 2 minutes I worked on a presentation about Grokking Google for the guys that I work with. Showing them how they could use the web to work smarter. In amongst this was research on all the different things that you could do with the Google search box. However, if there is any things that you know of… Continue reading Grokking Google

Essentials for travelling

Reading Time: 3 minutes Old Barrett wrote about his essentials for travelling, so I thought with this in mind I thought I would start my own list: The North Face Denali vest or jacket – planes tend to get overly air-conditioned and you can wake up half-way through a flight pretty damn cold. It also has a decent amout… Continue reading Essentials for travelling

Plane speaking on good manners

Reading Time: 2 minutes At one time air travel was the height of sophistication, now it’s another piece of public transport. With this decline in perception has come a corresponding decline in good manners amongst passengers. Thankfully the folks at WWNK (What We Now Know) email newsletter has come with some air travel ettiquette tips in time for the… Continue reading Plane speaking on good manners