VGA + more things

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VGA In Memoriam | Hackaday – interesting overview of the VGA display technology. Although as with many technology standards, declaration of its death is likely to be premature. Instead it will gradually decline, but still be supported by a variety of connecting dongles. We still see component video and audio feeds available on the latest television sets alongside HDMI connectors. More technology related posts here.

Why the iPad Is Going Extinct | New Republic – Interesting assessment of the tablet form factor. One point that the article misses is that tablets also have long replacement cycles. Hand-me-down and secondhand sales for iPads then become important. Relatively speaking the iPad offers a good ratio of computing power to price. But it isn’t a replacement for a laptop. It is no paradigm change on the scale of the PC or the smartphone and that is why it looks doomed to the author. Instead the iPad is a replacement for the portable DVD player, a coffee table magazine or a portable TV for consuming content. It does have roles in replacing paperwork and processes for people like airline pilots who previously would have had a pilots case with a thick binder. In it would be maps, way points, check lists, worksheets computer printouts and reference materials.

What Influences the Influencers? ComRes/Burson-Marsteller 2016 EU Media Poll findings unveiled – Burson-Marsteller – interesting to see Politico rank highly. It has enjoyed a relatively fast ascendancy to influence, particularly outside the US.

5 new luxury retail formats to look out for this year – Luxury Daily – Columns – peer to peer fashion lending (AirBnB for bags). It is the  sort of the role that the pawn broker and secondhand stores played to date. It represents a further democratisation of luxury, which in turn causes a bigger question to me. What does this democratisation mean for luxury in the future?