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Daring Fireball | U.S. Army Special Operations Switching From Android To iPhone – interesting comments on OS stability, from Android to iPhone,  more on security related stories here

Digibarn Stories: Rob Barnaby and WordStar and much more (June 2008) – Barnaby’s ability to code in assembly was legendary – seems especially insane now when languages like Swift are being touted for app development.

Blimey, it could be Brexit – the whole book so far | openDemocracy – probably one of the best readers on how things will work out post-Brexit

Perry Anderson · The Italian Disaster · LRB 22 May 2014 – interesting read in the light of current things rolling out in Italian banking

Boris Johnson booed at French Embassy – BBC News – and what did they expect to happen?

When Virtual Reality Meets Data Journalism | Global Investigative Journalism Network – interesting takeouts for VR designs

Gossip magazine group buys newspaper rival RCS Mediagroup – – looks like a professionalisation of Italian media ownership on first impression. Since the new owner seems to be less interested in political influence and more interested in profitable titles. Is this what Italy will look like post-Silvio Berlusconi? (paywall)

The Difference Between VR and 360 – Gear Patrol – interesting examples about how modern technology marketing is ‘post factual’

The demise of the California fitness brand | Marketing Interactive – spectacular corporate implosion

Chinese $1.2 billion takeover of Norway’s Opera fails, but alternative deal set | Reuters – in some respects as significant as the ARM deal that dropped the same morning

When Yahoo Ruled the Valley: Stories of the Original ‘Surfers’ – The New York Times  – When the Grateful Dead musician Jerry Garcia died in August 1995, Yahoo searches on him spiked immediately. The surfers put a Garcia link on the home page. “That was the birth of Yahoo News,” Ms. Srinivasan said. Today, it remains one of the most popular online news portals – whilst the internet has become The Man. The historic link between counterculture and online culture was extremely strong

Holiday Season 2009
(Yahoo! corporate account on Flickr: Yahoo! billboard Holiday Season 2009)