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Nice murder-by-truck incident – My social media feed filled up with poor ad placements against news about the Nice murder-by-truck incident. Sesame Street’s handling of the event on the social media accounts was a paragon of how these things should be done on Twitter and YouTube

Hat tip to our Ana


INDUSTRIAL JP / Record Label of Factory – really interesting Japanese record label that takes the principles of music concrete and turns them in to great house and techno tracks. The videos that accompany the tracks are hypnotic.

My soundtrack for the past week has been The Avalanches new album Wallflower and this epic Paul Daley (Leftfield) mix from five years ago with an Ibizan vibe that belies cruddy summer weather we’ve been having

This is what happens when you let Rus Khasanov loose with glitter and ink. The music is by Dmitry Evgrafov

Web of no web

Virtual reality lets Chinese customers shop Macy’s New York store on the world’s biggest shopping day – really interesting e-commerce offering. It is an illustration of how much China-international e-commerce is so important.