Fallacies and more things

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Departing the wheat from the chaff: identifying fallacies in the pharmaceutical promotion – Shaughnessy, Slawson & Bennett – different logical fallacies deployed in promotional activities (PDF)

Why Armstrong Really Wanted Yahoo — The Information – interesting play but not sure that it will be successful (paywall)

Money as Message – Andreessen Horowitz – Connie Chan’s 101 on WeChat wallet is up there with her other WeChat posts. More on WeChat here

Three Proposes Protection in UK Spectrum Auction | CCS Insight – I would put good money on it that Three loses this fight as well as an ‘invisible hand’ continues to move against the CK Hutchison Group as a whole

How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President – Defense One – where is the evidence that they can leave this at the door of the Russians. Also ‘weaponising Wikileaks’ is a great message to put out there prior to shutting down Wikileaks. It will be more interesting seeing what the FBI investigation comes up with

Neil Young’s PonoMusic Store Goes Offline as It Switches Content Providers – interesting that the UK music technology start-up scene seems to be imploding on itself (Crowdmix, Omnifone) and that Neil Young’s PonoMusic was taking so much time to get on 7Digital’s HD music offering?

Superbook turns your phone into a laptop for $99 | Techinasia – reminds me of the Palm Foleo companion laptop device that was previewed but never launched

GitHub – nerevu/riko: A python stream processing engine modeled after Yahoo! Pipes – interesting tool, BTW who said that RSS is dead?

Decacorns continue to get funding while the rest of the startup investing declines | TechCrunch – funding skewing towards really big funding projects concealing overall drop in funding

Microsoft debuts Bookings, a new Office 365 service for online appointment scheduling | TechCrunch – is it just me or is Microsoft throwing out a lot of services that overlap with its core offering and it feels a bit confusing?

US Congress – Committee on Energy and Commerce – letter to Niantic re Pokemon Go – concerns that consumers understand potential impact on their mobile data allowance (PDF)

Pokémon Go will launch in Japan tomorrow with game’s first sponsored location | TechCrunch – McDonalds coming in with a sponsorship deal for Pokemon gyms

China appliance makers share SoftBank dream | FT – many expect SoftBank to sell ARM on after a decent waiting time to companies like these (paywall)