Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Louis Vuitton personalisation feature is really interesting. It brings NikeID magic to their retail experience. I think that it will also impact secondhand sales – flair is much more of a personal decision.

Scott Galloway manages to get his academic colleague Adam Alter to highlight some of the techniques used to make apps as digital catnip

The soundtrack of my week has been this mix by Jennifer Cardini

This is probably old news, but it was the first time that I noticed it in my feed. Instagram has an email collection facility that reminded me of Twitter cards. Its a great idea that can help tie Instagram engagement closer to e-commerce sales


Flickr has been tweaking its design and has improved its search. These changes have largely happened under the radar. In my experience, the biggest move was that the ‘camera roll’ has been depreciated in menu positions so that you no longer click on it by accident. It’s good to see the continual improvements in a time of substantial change at Yahoo! / Oath or whatever Verizon calls it. Flickr talked about the changes it made to the user’s profile page on its blog.