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Swiss watch industry

Is Time Running Out for the Swiss Watch Industry? – WSJ – low-end part of the Swiss Watch Industry threatened by digital disruption but not the higher end. The status of higher end brands of the Swiss Watch Industry will fit in with aspirations and drop culture that has merged streetwear and luxury


Positive acceptance: a reinterpretation of Japanese ‘millennials’ | Analysis | Campaign Asia – 78% are disinclined to save money, meaning big-ticket items like houses, cars or even holidays are low on the agenda. While young people have rarely ever been enthusiastic savers, Harris suggested this could be an unconscious effort to resist “inevitable life changes that they don’t necessarily want”—i.e. responsibilities that make them less flexible.

Qualcomm Replaces Chairman Jacobs with Independent Director – Barron’s – interesting move


Tablet Magazine’s 100 Most Jewish Foods List – via our Matt – just beautiful

C L A S S I C Typeface By Particle (Gao Yang) | THEINSPIRATION.COM – really nice idea. More related content here.


Royal Bank of Scotland CMO David Wheldon: More marketing will go in-house – Digiday – I’m not sure there was ever a bygone era when agencies enjoyed a great relationship with the top of the house, but what the consultants have now is the C-suite relationships, a deep understanding of technology and a deep understanding of the digitization of our services. It’s not too much of a leap for them to think they can help with the advertising part of that mix

All LinkedIn Members | LinkedIn Help – LinkedIn assets relating to GDPR

Get On This Soapbox | The Daily | L2 – the case for tactical (but not necessarily realtime) social


The Number of Counterfeits Seized in the U.S. Grew by Almost 10% Last Year — The Fashion Law  – “The merchandise category with the highest number of seizures continued to be apparel and accessories, resulting in approximately 15 percent of all seizures in FY2017.” These products included both trademark infringing and counterfeit luxury products, including those posing as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Hermes, are routinely some of the most heavily copied


“I’m Quitting Social Media”: Will We See a Shift in Platform Use in 2018? | Brandwatch – Twitter and Snapchat are disproportionally large in comparison to their adoption

Web of no web

US Army’s SNES M.A.C.S Rifle Training Program – The Firearm Blog – surreal. Call of Duty takes on a whole darker turn