PornHub VPN & other things this week

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PornHub are one of the more interesting brands out there at the moment. Yes I did just write that last sentence. They’ve been hosting content that might be considered transgressive but isn’t porn, they have their own clothing range and a collaboration with New York streetwear brand Richardson. Their Asa Akira t-shirt is well tasteful and office-friendly. Seriously.

They’ve now launched their own VPN service, which makes sense given what they know about getting streaming to work across networks.

2B-Alert Web – is US department of defence funded research on optimising your caffeine intake. They are looking to have personalisation options and apps in the future.

Liquid crystals can be trippy to look at through a microscope. I remember seeing something similar to this eons ago when I spent a bit of time in a Corning lab in North Wales. The lab is now a grass field next to a Toyota engine factory.

Audi is in the process of launching its new Q8 SUV. They’ve taken a leaf out of BMW’s book; creating an online-only mini-series that initially reminded me of BMW’s The Hire. Good on Audi for signing off on a project like this.  I was a bit disappointed in the execution, it needs work: Q8 Unleashed.

I’ve talked here before about the market dynamics driving streetwear upmarket to the point that it resembles the eco-system around Hermes’ Birkin bags – part luxury good, part financial investment. This Google talk from Stock X riffs on the theme. Stock X aren’t alone; there are a number of competitors as well as traditional online auctions eBay and Yahoo! Japan.