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In praise of (D)SLR camera

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If you still use a camera nowadays given the usefulness of smartphones, the phrase mirrorless has become de rigueur. Photography like most other things in life have become progressively more digital. Technology is increasingly mediating every aspect of our experiences.


I still like ‘mirrored’ or single lens reflex cameras. Digital single lens reflex cameras free the photographer from the tyranny of film; but still allows the photographer to frame up a shot in advance before using the battery life of the camera.

Looking through the view finder of an SLR gives you a temporary isolation from peripheral visuals allowing you to focus mentally as well as physically on the subject in question.  It allows you to slow down and take your time in the moment.

Of course, as with most technology experiences, the human experience is viewed in a very one dimension manner. An object to be overcome in the least minimum viable way possible.

One reply on “In praise of (D)SLR camera”

Ged Whilst I like you am not sure that the future will be mirrorless for all but a few professional sports photographers I think that you are missing out on the opportunities a return to using a film camera gives you.

When shoot digitally I have the ability to spray and pray in that my card has the capacity to hold hundreds of images. When I take a film camera I am rationed to up to 36 images at a time. Thus I have to more careful about pressing the shutter. I also go out more focused on the basis that I am limited by the film stock that I have loaded. Black and White film lends itself to some subjects but not others, like wise colour film stock has changing subject matter given the brand used and slide film takes no prisoners because it has very precise requirements to get the exposure correct.

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