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Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep? by Philip K Dick and Tony Parker

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Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep Like many people I was drawn to Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep by the film adaptation Blade Runner. I originally read the paperback book and found it less satisfying. It is one of the few cases where cinema did a better job than the source material, even though […]

Android to iPhone & more

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Daring Fireball | U.S. Army Special Operations Switching From Android To iPhone – interesting comments on OS stability, from Android to iPhone,  more on security related stories here.  Digibarn Stories: Rob Barnaby and WordStar and much more (June 2008) – Barnaby’s ability to code in assembly was legendary – seems especially insane now when languages like Swift are […]

Android device fragmentation + more

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Android Sales: Guess how many Android devices are available for sale | BGR – 18,000 different types of Android devices which is an insane amount of device fragmentation. Imagine the pain in Android device testing needed and that isn’t even getting into different app stores and non-Google Android devices –  a la Russia and China. More […]

Modified android phones & other news

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Google Under Pressure as Modified Android Phones Take Off | TheNextWeb – 20 per cent sounds on the low side to me for modified Android phones. Why would you need modified Android variants?  You have modified Android phones because Google services are basically unuseable in China and North Korea. Amazon’s Fire phone and tablets are […]

Android moves to life OS

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If you read the Telegraph online last Wednesday 25th or the Financial Times on Thursday 26th June,   you would have seen some great coverage about Google’s developer conference with Android’s move to become a life OS. There was also coverage about the corresponding rise of the Android economy in the UK. Like iOS and web development, software and services […]