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Online advertising targeting and ad blocking

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ad blocking has become a thing; with a UK government minister likening it to a protection racket. This felt similar to  the the early 2000s and political action against file sharing. Ad targeting and ad blocking from Ged Carroll A cursory glance of publicly available data shows a few  things: Correctly targeted advertising (in terms of content type, […]

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Great presentation on the online advertising environment in China

Reading Time: < 1 minute Great presentation by Thoughtful China about the online advertising environment in China, the discussion comes from the perspective of ‘big data’ but points out the challenge of data quality and transparency in online advertising. The presentation is on YouKu so you need to be patient with it.

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Online advertising getting into dangerous waters

Reading Time: < 1 minute I have been noticing graphic ads appearing in my RSS feeds recently. The advert pictured that really caught my eye seems to be being served by Google, but I am sure that these adverts are appearing via other advertising networks as well. A quick search online shows the legal issues that eBay has had with […]