Development of social media in the pharmaceutical industry

Having worked with clients in the pharmaceutical sector, it was obvious that marketers were aware of the benefits that social media could bring for a good while. However there were a number of barriers to get over: Pharmaceutical companies didn’t know how much was being said online. A number of the clients that I worked …

Pharmaceutical company case studies on social media marketing

I was co-writing an article with my colleague Maya and wanted to reference some non-client programmes that had been done well out there. I came across this deck on Slideshare which had some really nice case studies: Pharmaceutical Social Media Case Studies The presentation is on Slideshare which may not be visible to all readers.

First three things that pharma companies should think about regarding social media

This is a short video interview that I did for Econsultancy last week. Thanks to Naveed, Michelle and Louise for getting this online so fast. I facilitate the online healthcare comms programme for them.

Jargon watch: Eroom’s Law

Eroom’s Law is a metaphor that compares other business processes to the virtuous circle of Moore’s Law. It is literally Moore’s Law in reverse. Industries have developed processes that are getting ever more expensive.  Once could consider that is inversely proportional to the way semiconductor manufacture  reduced the relative cost of computing power over time. …

Things that made my day this week

I spent a good deal of the week seeing the family. It was great to have homemade soda bread and finish off my Mum’s Christmas cake. Yes, you haven’t read that wrong, my Mum specialises in making rich fruit cakes for Christmas. They keep for a good few months afterwards. A good deal of that …