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Luxe streetwear

Reading Time: 5 minutes I started thinking about the latest developments in luxe streetwear after leafing through the FT to see the following advert marking the proposed purchase of Stone Island by Moncler. (Stone Island had already sold its parent brand CP Company and intellectual property back in 2015 to Hong Kong manufacturer Tristate Holdings Limited). It follows hot… Continue reading Luxe streetwear

Have we reached peak streetwear?

Reading Time: 4 minutes At the end of January I wrote a blog post about the landmark luxe streetwear collection by Louis Vuitton and Supreme. I delved into the history of streetwear and the deep connection it shared with luxury brands. This linkage came from counterfeit products, brand and design language appropriation. This all came from a place of… Continue reading Have we reached peak streetwear?

Louis Vuitton, Supreme: streetwear & luxury brands

Reading Time: 7 minutes The recent collaboration between New York’s Supreme and Louis Vuitton seems like a natural fit.  The reality is that luxury and streetwear have been dancing around each other for a good while. Snide started it all Snide was slang in the 1980s for fake or counterfeit. Hip Hop and the Caribbean-influenced Buffalo movement in the… Continue reading Louis Vuitton, Supreme: streetwear & luxury brands