Real beauty – championed by a cosmetics company?

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is an interesting exercise on a number of levels. Whilst it is laudable that a stand has been taken against conventional beauty being the only measure for women, the campaign is flawed for a number of reasons. First of all it is part of the cosmetics industry which has used […]

Disorganised Organisations

Demos the think-tank beloved of new Labour issued a report in November last year that slipped under the radar until now. Disorganisation: Why organisations should loosen up collated a lot of useful information about the trend towards teleworking and the subversion of rigidity in traditional company cultures. Whilst you could argue that the involvement of […]

Why Apple is not worth 100USD a share

Recently analysts at Piper Jaffray raised their expections on the earnings of Apple shares to 100USD from the 61 that they traded at the time. Now I am a fan of Apple equipment and have had an iPod for two years and a Mac of one sort or another for 15 years, but the iPod […]

If you’re down, show a little class

Proctor & Gamble had to do a product recall last week on a battery operated vacuum cleaner that they sold in the US market. The product could overheat in certain circumstances and they had received 14 complaints. I was impressed by the recall notice on the front of the website, it showed real class. Rather […]

Unwins off-licence

My colleague Jonathan has some inside skinny on cheap alcohol this Christmas via Unwins off-licence. According to his contacts Unwins the off licence chain is allegedly being bought out by Oddbins and so clearing its inventory by providing good prices on champagne. So if the white van man doesn’t do deliveries in your area Unwins […]