Oh Sh!t, CSC & BAE Systems Scupper UK Nuclear Deterrent

Reading Time: 3 minutes From this morning’s edition of online news site The Register. Royal Navy’s capability neutered by stealth. What is really scarey about this is that the political parties have not made any comment. Maybe this has something to do with the millions that Microsoft spends on public affairs and bailing Labour out of the potential white […]

Point of Inflection

Reading Time: 2 minutes A point of inflection is a mathematic term that describes the point on a curve where the gradient is naught (zero). Its the point at which everything changes, what sociologists and marketers call the tipping poing. Technological progress (and market adoption technology) often moves foward through paradigm shifts which can be shown as a series […]

In The Sandpit

Reading Time: 1 minute Great article in the Guardian Online on the dangers of selling internationally, but not thinking the same way from a geographer employed at Microsoft. Lessons that all international marketers should learn from. Selected highlights include: – Showing the disputed Kashmir region as not belonging in India on a map used for setting timezones on a […]

Who is Gary Winnick (and why I am writing about him?)

Reading Time: 4 minutes You may not know Gary Winnick, but at one time the fund manager who looked after your pension probably knew his name. For two decades Gary worked at the sharp practice end of capitalism. In the 1980s he worked with Michael Milken Drexel Burnham Lambert (Drexel) selling junk bonds. These were used to finance some […]

No Apple Product Launches Until September at Earliest (updated)

Reading Time: 2 minutes According to Dow Jones, Steve Jobs has taken August off to recover from cancer surgery:Apple CEO Jobs Has Surgery To Remove Cancerous Tumor Sunday August 1, 11:45 PM EDT NEW YORK — Steve Jobs, chief executive of personal computer maker Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) and animation studio Pixar Animation Studio (PIXR), underwent surgery to remove […]