Moguls, Superman and Kryptonite

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been working my way through Michael Wolff’s Autumn of the Moguls and found some of it very predictable. Its obsession with disfunctionality amongst business leaders including Eisner and Messier.One thing that did strike a chord with me was the way technology had moved from saving the record industry from itself to becoming the … Read moreMoguls, Superman and Kryptonite

Hair Vests & Frank Quattrone

Reading Time: 1 minute I was inspired to write this piece after I read this article from BusinessWeekOnline. In it Timothy Mullaney argues that the world is a better and wiser place after the Internet bust and Quattrone was nothing more than colouring. We are all more learned and better people from having our pension funds raped. I would … Read moreHair Vests & Frank Quattrone

Great Ideas Don’t Die, They Get Reincarnated

Reading Time: 1 minute The Dharma Web At one time Northernlight used to have a website that allowed you to see what payed for content was available under a given search string. It also grouped it for you. Now the company website is brochureware for enterprise search services. I found out about the ‘new’ (well new to me) Northernlight … Read moreGreat Ideas Don’t Die, They Get Reincarnated

Breaking News

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quattrone elevated to exclusive club. Following his sentencing to 15 to 21 months jail time (which he will be appealing) Frank Quattrone has joined Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky and Martha Stewart to the big stripey house country club for people that are too greedy. When Frank isn’t working on a chain gang he could put … Read moreBreaking News

Oh Sh!t, CSC & BAE Systems Scupper UK Nuclear Deterrent

Reading Time: 3 minutes From this morning’s edition of online news site The Register. Royal Navy’s capability neutered by stealth. What is really scarey about this is that the political parties have not made any comment. Maybe this has something to do with the millions that Microsoft spends on public affairs and bailing Labour out of the potential white … Read moreOh Sh!t, CSC & BAE Systems Scupper UK Nuclear Deterrent