Reading Time: 1 minute Can I be bothered trawling through the Google filings when someone from the Washington Post and assorted equity analyst will give up the juicy bits anyway? No. This Washington Post article here is of interest. Whilst I wont be buying the stock I will be bookmarking their virtual roadshow page. What do I think? – … Read moreGooglewatch

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Computerworld ran an interesting article on the social tics that IT workers sometimes may have. Read the real reasons why management are so happy to fire their ass and send their job half way around the world, thus alleviating an immense irritation and providing an opportunity to rack up huge amounts of air miles researching … Read moreWill Wonders Never Cease?

Customer Service Heroes and villains

Reading Time: 1 minute Orange turns me green at the gills One of the things I have learned over the past couple of weeks is that you can’t rely on a brand for consistent customer service, only people. As you may have read, I had some problems when Three cut my number off. Well credit where credit is due, … Read moreCustomer Service Heroes and villains with Good Idea

Reading Time: 1 minute A couple of weeks ago, I got invited the wedding reception of an ex-colleague. The bash was at the function room of a well appointed pub in North London. The wedding present list was online, ok lists can be a bit assumptive, however this one was cool. The thing that struck me was how well … Read with Good Idea

VC Do’s and Don’ts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Eric Dunn, general partner with Cardinal Venture Capital wrote the following guide for pitching VCs. This was originally posted on AlwaysOn: Figure out what the audience already knows. If you have included a long market overview in your presentation, but are presenting to an industry veteran, you almost certainly win points for skipping quickly through … Read moreVC Do’s and Don’ts