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GSMA World

GSMA World 2014 in Barcelona, time to end the show? | Digital Evangelist – The global get together that is GSMA World rolls into Barcelona this week and I am left with the feeling that as with Telecoms before it no longer fits a purpose. – GSMA World, CeBIT and the bi-annual Telecom in Geneva were the bane of my life in my first agency working on telecoms clients. With technology now, aside from informal meetings what value does GSMA World still play?


HSBC can’t shrink its vast banking empire fast enough to satisfy investors | Quartz – I see the problem with HSBC as its overexposure to China

The Beginner’s Guide to Growth Hacking – via the Digital Orange Concentrate newsletter

Anything You Can Do, Icahn Do Better | BusinessInsider – just like the 1980s and junk bonds; the striking point is that it suggests the technology sector has reached an inflection point from being growth to value businesses – time for entrepreneurs to look for a new frontier

Consumer behaviour

The trouble with ‘Mumennials’ // Weber Shandwick

Chinese slang ‘diaosi’ causing social instability: official | Nanfang Insider – otaku is probably the closest translation I think of for diaosi

A Global Snapshot of the Dietary Supplements Category – Euromonitor International


Acid house and the dawn of a rave new world | Music | The Observer“Whenever it hit a new town, the first people in that town felt like they had the best secret ever. But it was a very evangelical secret, so they had this desperate itch to tell everyone and spread the word.” – Terry Farley


Shenzhen property heads for dizzy heights | FT – Southern Chinese city is posting double-digit rises in house prices thanks to the emergence of big technology companies such as Foxconn and Huawei


How a German Soda Became Hackers’ Fuel of Choice | Motherboard“If we run out,” she said, “it’s a problem.” – Soundcloud on their fridge of caffienated soda

Unilever partners with Facebook alliance to reach millions in India – investing in ways to better reach consumers

How to

6 Ways to Brown Nose Your Way to the Very Top |


Turning Japan into global gambling hotspot maybe just the thing for Abenomics


WeChat era’ killing intellectual property: academic – Creativity Originality and intellectual property in China are at risk of extinction given the rampant illegal copying and reproduction of information and original content in what has been dubbed the “WeChat era,”


In a First for Spain, a Woman Is Convicted of Inciting Terror Over Twitter


Tactics Cloud – really useful for Twitter social media campaigns


Veronica 2 Gopher search engine


★ On the Timing of iOS’s SSL Vulnerability and Apple’s ‘Addition’ to the NSA’s PRISM Program


Nokia gives in to Android phones – I get using Android to replace S40, but how can Microsoft Windows have a premium position when the other Windows partners are all low-end phone makers?

Microsoft announces new Windows Phone partners & spring update for Windows 8.1 – interesting that there is a bunch of tier two Chinese phone makers, ZTE and LG

Tizen signs up new allies, but still no real phone | Mobile World Congress – CNET Reviews – the Tizen Association on Sunday talked up its 15 new partners, including notable names such as Japanese carrier SoftBank, Sprint, Baidu, and ZTE

WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and the acceleration of the Network Effect in a Mobile World

MICROSOFT: This Is Our Newest Plan To Get People To Love Our Controversial Windows 8 Design (MSFT)

Web of no web

Ford Sync Said to Drop Microsoft in Switch to BlackBerryCraig Trudell and Jeff Green, reporting for Bloomberg: Ford Motor Co., struggling with in-car technology flaws, will base the next-generation Sync system on BlackBerry Ltd.’s QNX and no longer use Microsoft Corp.’s Windows, according to people briefed on the matter. – It makes sense, despite BlackBerry’s problems QNX is a robust real-time operating system

Xiaomi makes profit on smarter strategies | WantChinaTimes

Broadcom Chip Locates Wearables | EE Times


Qualcomm unveils its 64-bit, eight-core mobile processor family | VentureBeat – Not so long ago, Anand Chandrasekher – a (now former) Qualcomm marketer dismissed 64-bit mobile processors as “marketing gimmicks.”

5G Needs MIMO, Multi-GHz | EE Times