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Be Marlboro

Health groups call to end “Be a Marlboro” campaign | Marketing-Interactive – I grew up with ‘Marlboro Country’ billboards showing the cigarette to be the poison of choice for the middle-aged cowboy taking a break. Be Marlboro was a much need revamp of the Marlboro brand. Modern-day UK Marlboro man could also be a woman; they smoked them in-or-outside the club. Occasionally they broke them down and smoked them with cannabis.

Don’t be a maybe. Be Marlboro

Philip Morris International

The campaign went out in over 64 countries worldwide from Germany to Indonesia. Its rationale was a world away from Marlboro Country

young adults feel overwhelmed by the flood of information and options that new technologies offer. In this time of uncertainty, they have very few life compasses that can provide them with guidance. With the new campaign, Marlboro encourages them to be decisive, trust themselves and follow their inspiration. The concept is very simple: there are three ways to react when faced with a decision: Yes, No, or Maybe. Marlboro does not believe in Maybes

Frederic de Wilde, Philip Morris International Investor Day – Brand Portfolio and Commercial Approach – Script, 21 June 2012

The universal insight that Be Marlboro tapped into is interesting, the discovering yourself moments and the later impostor syndrome of youth.


Plans to boost cultural and creative industries in China | WantChinaTimesChina’s State Council, on Friday released plans aimed at promoting the integration of the creative and design service industries with the real economy – interesting description as if somehow creative and design services aren’t real

Consumer behaviour

PLOS ONE: Detecting Emotional Contagion in Massive Social Networks by Lorenzo Coviello,Yunkyu Sohn, Adam D. I. Kramer,Cameron Marlow, Massimo Franceschetti, Nicholas A. Christakis, James H. Fowler

China’s super-rich will rise 80% in the next decade | ShanghaistA report released by Knight Frank LLP earlier this week says that the number of China’s super-rich, those who own more than 30 million USD in assets, will grow as much as 80 percent in the next decade, according to the Global Times.


UK Economic Overview — HSBC Global Connections

China – Approaching The End of Export-Led Growth Story? | Euromonitor International – not the end of it but moving to create consumer driven growth as well


How Hong Kong Lost the Alibaba IPO – – Alibaba wanted to nominate the bulk of the board post listing rather than one share, one vote – which is enshrined in Hong Kong’s regulations (paywall)


The hottest thing in Korea now is freezing cold ice cream made by “scientists” | RocketNews24 – liquid nitrogen cooled ice cream made whilst you wait

Check Out How Coca Cola Makes the Most of WeChat MarketingDo You still remember the “nickname bottle” that Coca Cola launched last summer? Such an impressive case was not so long ago, now Coca Cola has shifted its focus from bottle to cap, joining up with WeChat.

Hong Kong

Patriotic’ protest leaves mainland Chinese visitors bemused | South China Morning Post – genius – Hong Kong will have just over 45 million visitors from the mainland this year. The main reason is no sales tax (paywall)

How to

Getting started with collections | eBay – (PDF)

How To Download All Your Personal Data From Facebook – Storing information in the cloud is great, but sometimes it’s nice to have your personal data right on your hard drive.


Will ‘Makers’ Change Shenzhen? | EE Times – which touches on how China will move up the value chain to be the innovator and designers of products rather than just the assemblers

If Kickstarter isn’t a solution to everything in hardware manufacturing, you may turn to those Asian platforms. | TechNode

World’s first LNG-fueled cargo vessel starts testing in China | WantChinaTimes – the shipping industry is looking to move enmasse to LNG and reduce their environmental footprint


Nikon, OzMilko, BreadTalk deal with fallout from CCTV criticism – Campaign Asia – apparently fact based and fair this time

How to Launch Your App in an International Market | Mashable – surprisingly useful Mashable article rather than the usual top ten link bait content


Peak Advertising and the Future of the Web By Tim Hwang and Adi Kamdar


Tencent QQ IM Adds Payment Solution for Online Courses | TechNode


China E-commerce Market GMV Hit 9.9 Tn in 2013 | China Internet Watch


Windows hits the skids, Mac OS X on the rise | The Register – Apple’s OS X share more than doubles in past six years, Windows below 90% – first time since the 90s years Peak Microsoft. According to two different web-analytics groups – NetMarketShare and StatCounter – Windows’ market share has dropped to below 90 per cent for the first time since the mid 1990s


Oki Develops FPC Board Supporting large Currents | Nikkei TechOn!  – such as switching power supplies and inverters.

Web of no web

Alibaba Partners with Home Appliance Maker Midea To Release Smart Air Conditioner That Can be Controlled on Laiwang | TechNode

Tencent Unveils Mobile Navigation Service Lubao To Deepen Forays into Mapping Market | TechNode

Magnifying glass | Atlanta Magazine – profile of That Starner who has been involved in wearables for 20 years


Market share of smartphones with 8-core processors is actually going to drop in 2014 | BGR – 64 bit processor sales will go up

Motorola’s Super-Powered Google Phone – Business Insider – Motorola never really had a dance partner in Google

Nokia just hit a $571-million obstacle to completing its deal with Microsoft – Quartz – the point of principle of shutting it all down for Microsoft may be worth more than the factory, how much could the Indian tax authorities try and hold over Microsoft in the future? Secondly is this a way of helping local businesses like MicroMax?