Customer Service Heroes and villains

Reading Time: < 1 minute Orange turns me green at the gills One of the things I have learned over the past couple of weeks is that you can’t rely on a brand for consistent customer service, only people. As you may have read, I had some problems when Three cut my number off. Well credit where credit is due, … Read moreCustomer Service Heroes and villains with Good Idea

Reading Time: < 1 minute A couple of weeks ago, I got invited the wedding reception of an ex-colleague. The bash was at the function room of a well appointed pub in North London. The wedding present list was online, ok lists can be a bit assumptive, however this one was cool. The thing that struck me was how well … Read with Good Idea

VC Do’s and Don’ts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Eric Dunn, general partner with Cardinal Venture Capital wrote the following guide for pitching VCs. This was originally posted on AlwaysOn: Figure out what the audience already knows. If you have included a long market overview in your presentation, but are presenting to an industry veteran, you almost certainly win points for skipping quickly through … Read moreVC Do’s and Don’ts

The Number

Reading Time: 2 minutes Whilst catching up on my backlog of mails I came across this from CBS Marketwatch: NOT MUCH SHOUTING GREETS YAHOO EARNINGSYahoo shares (YHOO) got the boot after the company kicked off a fresh earnings season for the online-media group by only just measuring up to expectations, demonstrating what American Technology Research analyst Mark Mahaney called … Read moreThe Number

Ain’t No Burn Like a Boiler Room Burn

Reading Time: < 1 minute Interesting article in Bambi Francisco of CBSMarketwatch’s regular email. It seems despite the dot.bang people are still up for getting burned. SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) – Sometimes, you do what you can to stay afloat.As many market watchers have already observed, there are companies out there that appear to be promising candidates in a hot business … Read moreAin’t No Burn Like a Boiler Room Burn