Technology bust indigestion continues

Reading Time: < 1 minute   After the jailing Frank Quattrone, the public reaming of numerous equity analysts (Jack Grubman and Henry Blodget to name but two), the merchant banks and the collapses of numerous dotbombs, the San Jose Mercury reports that former leading technology orientated investment fund Firsthand is being investigated by the Stock Exchange Commission following allegations of … Read moreTechnology bust indigestion continues

Debt is Good

Reading Time: < 1 minute Andy Kessler, ex-Bell Labs boffin, equity analyst, venture capitalist, fund manager and author whose book Running Money we reviewed recently is back with some missing chapters to counter some of the points that Renaissance Chambara and others had made regarding his ‘national debt is good’ creed.   The first missing chapter ‘Gold Bites Part 1’ … Read moreDebt is Good

Blogging for wholesome enterprise goodness

Reading Time: < 1 minute From Tony Perkins, founder of the AlwaysOn Network and Scott McNeally of Sun Microsystems; why blogging is going to be more important for business. It is interesting the way Scott tries to put distance between Sun and internet hype (what happened to ‘we put the dot in’ strapline?). Humour aside, the interview recognises the … Read moreBlogging for wholesome enterprise goodness

There’s money to be made in providing a proper service

Reading Time: < 1 minute According to a report by RSM Robson Rhodes Business Consulting called The Silent Scream of the Unloved Customer British blue-chips would make 35 per cent more profits if their businesses actually gave customers what they wanted. Looking at the FTSE100 alone, that would add up to in excess of 20 billion GBP per year. The … Read moreThere’s money to be made in providing a proper service