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Beyonce Sells 1 Million Albums on Apple’s iTunes in Five Days – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD – non-piracy aspects at work affecting the sale of the latest Beyonce album.

Beyonce is arguably the most popular performer in the music industry right now. Beyonce has amplified her work through making visual albums. Despite all this even her music has become devalued as background rather than something to be actively enjoyed. Secondly the music industry focuses on blockbusters rather than the tail which would have put more pressure on her more experimental works.


Why Shell nixed a $20 billion gas-to-liquids project – – shale and fracking isn’t as promising as believed or as commercially viable yet…

Daiwa Securities increases target price on MediaTek – The China Post – interesting contrast with Qualcomm

oDesk and Elance Merge to Create One Big Freelancer Company – Liz Gannes – News – AllThingsD

Consumer behaviour

The Beauty Implications of a Chinese Baby Boom – Euromonitor International – expect more girl consumer power


82% Chinese Netizens Held Credit Cards — China Internet Watch

China Mobile Payment User Behavior Report 2013 — China Internet Watch

How to

Differences Between US and International SEO: Interview With Andre Alpar | Search Engine Journal

Google’s changing recommendations on SEO for mobile – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice


Information Processing: The dawn of genetic engineering? – Blade Runner style replicants next stop?

FedEx thinks Amazon’s drone plans are hilarious – Quartz

Between a quarter and a third of everything on the web is copied from somewhere else

The man who invented the karaoke machine never patented it – Quartz

Can Companies Keep Their Entrepreneurs In-House? – Corporate Intelligence – WSJ – basically not much chance


Facebook, Zuckerberg, banks must face IPO lawsuit: judge | Reuters


Jing Daily: Five trends for China’s outbound travelers in 2014

Chinese Students in U.S. Boost Luxury Car Sales – Businessweek

Burberry Scales Back Social Media | L2’s The Daily – did social media make the brand too accessible?

Nike Launches Christmas-Themed Shoes for Kobe, LeBron, and Durant – Businessweek – is the market being over-exploited


Picture quality might be an issue for HKTV | South China Morning Post – interesting that they are running an a game around the terrestial licence process and going straight to mobile OTT services and online delivery (paywall)

China spent more on mobile ads than US in Q3 2013


Trends in Social Sharing: The Rise of Pinterest | Gigya’s Blog – some interesting data on social sharing by platform

Wikipedia introduces draft feature to give writers more time and space to finetune their articles – The Next Web

Tweets loud and quiet – O’Reilly Radar

微视 8秒无限欢乐 – Weishi is a Chinese application similar to Vine that makes 8-second videos, connects into your WeChat account. It is being promoted by having celebrity accounts on there

Why is Asia so awesome at Facebook engagement?

Yahoo Introduces New Style Of Flickr Embeds To Seed Content Outside Of The Site | TechCrunch


Facebook Screwed Lots Of Retailers – Business Insider – and you are surprised because?


Password Managers Exposing Passwords Everywhere – depressing reading

A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering: An update on Truecrypt

Research shows how MacBook Webcams can spy on their users without warning – attack the microcontrollers not the CPU

Sources: Target Investigating Data Breach — Krebs on Security


This company is betting millions that you’ll use cartoon bears instead of English – Quartz – the bit that the authors don’t seem to get is that stickers are a social lubricant rather than a language per se

Spotiamp – nice ode to WinAmp

“Backbreaking” OpenStack migrations hinder enterprise upgrades — Tech News and Analysis

BitTorrent takes step toward secure serverless chat

One chart that shows how you pay for free apps with your privacy – Quartz


ongoing by Tim Bray · Is 4K BS? – yes you can do without them. They are also impressive close up, you can notice the difference in retina and normal screens on phones, however I do think there is a law of diminishing returns at work

Web of no web

Google Glass Lead: How Wearing Tech on Our Bodies Actually Helps It Get Out of Our Way | Wired Opinion |


Weibo: Huawei, ZTE chase ‘cool’, Xiaomi chases Apple | South China Morning Post – following in this case looks slow and ungainly

Apple – Press Info – China Mobile & Apple Bring iPhone to China Mobile’s 4G & 3G Networks on January 17, 2014 – interesting that there is no pricing information yet

HKT to acquire CSL New World Mobility in US$2.425 billion deal | South China Morning Post – (paywall)

China Mobile chairman says still in talks with Apple on iPhone deal | Reuters