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Interesting debate at PARC on crowdsourcing

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Crowdsourcing has moved from a marketing gimmick to a business model for the likes of Threadlesss and Starbucks.

Crowdsourcing CEO & Expert Panel: From Phenomenon to Business Model [PARC Forum]
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Cisco judo move on HP

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Cisco’s legal counsel did an interesting post on their corporate blog. In one fell swoop it called out Hewlett-Packard for moving from innovation to litigation. Pointed out how bad life currently is for HP employees and laid out a red carpet for new HP talent who wished to work at Cisco. Cisco were prompted to write the post because HP had been using legal methods to stop former employees joining Cisco. Social media has radically changed the way companies speak to each other.

Archived from blog posts I wrote for PR Week

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Jargon watch: product spam

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Fast Company had an article on how some consumer electronics field a raft of different SKUs (stock-keeping units) with little or no differentiation apart from colours or minor design details. It makes consumer decisions difficult as it’s hard to choose one product over another and its inefficient as it promotes constant churn in a company’s product line-up.

The best examples of this would be the likes of Sony or Hewlett-Packard (HP). Think about the raft of laptops that HP has compared to Apple’s line-up. Fast Company called this plethora of different but similar products product spam.

More information
Product spam is out of control and must be stopped | Fast Company