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I like: Verbarius clock by Art Lebedev Studio | 产品设计

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Russian design studio Art Lebedev usually comes up with interesting designs. This clock intrigued me as it tries to match the way we describe time verbally with the way that it presents the information.  It comes with five languages including Russian and English.

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Obsolescence is a crime | 设计文件

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Vistoe is a modular shelving manufacturer whose product was designed by German product designer Dieter Rams in 1960 and has been going ever since. Before sustainability was a twinkle in the environmentalists eye Rams realised how wasteful obsolescence was. He realised that it was bad design.

Obsolescence is a crime from Vitsœ on Vimeo.
What makes this truly fascinating is how this contrasts with Apple’s attitude to obsolescence. There are echoes in the styling of many Apple products from the Mac Pro tower units to the default calculator application on the iPhone that owe a lot to Dieter Rams work at Braun.

Yet Apple’s embrace of obsolescence is exemplified by how they have progressively eroded user serviceability in their product designs such as having no detachable batteries on their laptops and special screws securing the iPhone 4 together.

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I like: Burton vs Casio N-03C cell phone

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Although not known for cell phones in the UK, Casio sells rugged water-proof handsets in Japan and North America. Drawing on expertise gained making G-Shock watches Casio turns out aesthetically pleasing clamshell handsets.
Burton vs Casio cellphone
The N-03C is the latest handset in the series and comes in ‘Burton white’. The fit with extreme sports brand makes sense and the 1970s-style wood veneer detailing on the handset strikes just the right tone. If you want this beauty you’ll have to sign up to Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo.