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Bijin tokei + more news

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Bijin tokei

bijin-tokei(美人時計)official website – bijin tokei is a relatively simple creative idea, really well executed. In bijin tokei pretty Japanese ladies were photographed holding a board with the time on it. This was then turned into a clock. It is a website and an iPhone app.

Consumer behaviour

Value Is the New Green –

BBC NEWS – From Our Own Correspondent | The mechanics of tipping US-style


‘Focus Shifted from Gadgets to QOL,’ National Semi CEO Says — Tech-On! – new trend is consumer electronics designed to enhance quality of life (QOL)

Good design: The ten commandments of Dieter Rams


Barbie in the land of Chairman Mao | GlobalPost

Will China Buy The World? The Beijing Debate – Deal Journal

How to

Hive Five: Best Home Server Software – interesting this came out with purely OSS solutions


AppleInsider | Japanese “hate” for iPhone all a big mistake – Wired gets hit again on editorial integrity

The Japanese are iPhone haters… or are they? – Ars Technica – Wired article debate runs on and on, interesting issues on editorial fact checking raised


Baseball’s New MLB.TV Player Launches, Looks Good – Silverlight swapped out as Flash provides better experience

TeliaSonera: European Carrier to Enter CDN Space — Seeking Alpha

The ten publishing principles for BBC online – great advice here

Lord Carter confirms his plans for a digital rights agency


Video Viewing Strong on All Screens – eMarketer

Official Google Blog: Tipping points


Who Hid the Hash Key? | Yellow Swordfish – forgot that this is difficult for switchers


Amazon Launches Kindle App for the iPhone

I, Cringely » The Neokast Mystery


YOHO.CN 年轻人的城市 – interesting Chinese style magazine, similar to Milk


Total Telecom – Hutchison Telecom up on HK, Macau spinoff plan

Web of no web

Slashdot | The Real Reason For Microsoft’s TomTom Lawsuit – all that experience in court on the receiving end of patent suits has taught MS a thing or two


Digital Evangelist: Economist view on MWC09 – its all about the ARPU

Nokia Plans LTE Devices for 2010

Why We Need Fat Mobile Pipes