PR plan assessment resources

Stephen Waddington published a handy listicle for (agency) PRs on the basic ingredients of a PR plan. I expanded on it in depth and created resources on how to assess the quality of a plan that had been developed. Is your PR plan good enough? Part one Part two Part three Part four Part five Part […]

Is your PR plan good enough (part six)?

In part five I focused on tactics in terms of creative, channels and calendar. In this final part I am going to look at resourcing and commitment.  At least the plan should have an outline of what resources are needed and the investment required. Schedule of activity – I would also recommend a critical path […]

Is your PR plan good enough (part five)?

In part four I touched on strategy expanding on Wadd’s guide to PR plan development to provide ways of assessing each step. Wadds broke out tactics into creative, channels and calendar.  I’m bundling them together as creative use of channels such as Domino’s UK profile on Tinder crosses boundaries. I believe that an interplay of […]

Is your PR plan good enough (part four)?

In part three I touched on Situation – this what PR Smith grouped what Wadds called ‘Publics or Audience’, ‘Research’ and ‘Insights’. In this part I want to look at strategy. This sets the tone for everything else following in the plan it is the essence of how the plan will meet or exceed the […]

Is your PR plan good enough (part three)?

In part two, I looked at measurement and goals. In this section I am looking at Situation – this is where PR Smith grouped what Wadds called ‘Publics or Audience’, ‘Research’ and ‘Insights’. Who are the stakeholders that PR is trying to influence in order to meet its objectives? What data is there to draw upon? […]