Grokking Google

I worked on a presentation for the guys that I work with on how they could use the web to work smarter, in amongst this was research on all the different things that you could do with the Google search box. However, if there is any things that you know of that I have missed […]

Grow your network, look for rotating doors

If you ask a HR person one of the measures that they are generally concerned about is staff turnover or churn. That is what is the percentage of of the workforce that leave the company in a 12-month period. This means that there is a higher cost of acquisition of talent within a business and […]

What does local really mean?

One of the big things about social media is that it provides useful content at an ever more granular ‘local’ basis than would have been economically possible before. Through my friends bookmarks, social network platforms or question and answer services I can get recommendations on where to find lessons in a particular martial art, recommendations […]

Looking for inspiration

Sometimes I get asked where do you find enough to write about? And the answer is from a multitude of sources: Suggested links from my Twitter community The bookmarked sites of my network on delicious (is it me or does it feel weird not writing it as any more?) I scan over 400 blogs […]

Beard or no beard

Yesterday I put my Twitter Man idea into practice, when I asked my Twitter community whether I should shave my goatee off. There were ten votes for keeping it (including those people who asked me to grow a more extensive beard and or a mustache and one against. What was more interesting was the way […]