The Trouble With Blogs….

Reading Time: 1 minute Is that they are an ideal vehicle to fuel dissension. During the former cold war, one of the things that the CIA liked to do was to smuggle photocopy machines into the disident groups behind the Iron Curtain as a sort of DIY kit to create thought crimes. (Both football fanzines and the punk movement […]


Reading Time: 1 minute Sideline Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. James Gordon-Mackintosh of These 4 Walls and 77PR has finally set up his oft-discussed t-shirt business based around cutting graphic design. More accessible and better value for money than Futura the designs at Sideline are worth a visit. The picture gives a flavour of what to expect, don’t be surprised […]

Reading the Tea Leaves

Reading Time: 1 minute The Buttonwood column in The Economist has some interesting takes on the current interest in internet stocks again. The column puts forward data from both the bull and bear point of view regarding internet stocks: Interesting take-outs: Forrester Research figures quoted: That in the US people spend about 35% of their media time online but […]

Podcasting – only for the headstrong

Reading Time: 1 minute Following the integration of podcasting in iTunes 4.9, the Wall Street Journal’s famous technology writer Walter Mossberg investigated how hard it would be to make a podcast. It ain’t easy enough for the average joe to do, in addition new podcasts can take up to four days to show up on iTunes. Interestingly Mossberg’s article […]


Reading Time: 1 minute In an interesting turn of events both Wired News and equity analyst Safa Rashtchy of Piper Jaffray in the latest issue of its Silk Road newsletter wrote articles that showed the success story of eBay is starting to develop cracks. Power Sellers are looking to alternative outlets, onerous fees, online fraud, a desire for a […]