Innovators dilemma

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mike Lynch has a high profile in the UK as one of our few technology success stories, he is CEO of a company called Autonomy which provides knowledge management solutions for enterprises, government organisations like the NSA and search engine Blinkx. The secret sauce of Autonomy is based on statistical analysis: a technique called Bayes … Read moreInnovators dilemma

Rated: Useless?

Reading Time: 1 minute Jonny Rosemont had a recent posting on his old blog (his shiny new one is here) about three blogging tools that he rates and three which he thinks are tired. I have a slightly different stance since I got into post-widget stress disorder some 18 months ago and have cleared many of the products he … Read moreRated: Useless?

The thinking man’s radio station

Reading Time: 1 minute I have been throwing my iTunes playlist data into since I found about the Audioscrobbler plug-in before the last.FM brand took off. I found it a useful way to add content on my website and get recommendations from friends playlists. It was only the other week that I really discovered the value of the … Read moreThe thinking man’s radio station

The Golden Search and other internet trends

Reading Time: 3 minutes US investment bank Piper Jaffray put out some of the smartest publicly available thinking about the internet space at the moment: last week they issued a new detailed report called The User Revolution: The New Advertising Ecosystem and The Rise of the Internet as a Mass Medium. Piper Jaffray customers can get a copy from … Read moreThe Golden Search and other internet trends

Gleaming the Chrome

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the 1980s there was a cheesy film called Gleaming the Cube where a skater (Christian Slater) investigates the murder of his adopted brother at the hands of gun-runners. (Despite featuring Tony Hawk as Buddy the film sucked.) At the moment many people are procastinating over the imminent death of the desktop PC at the … Read moreGleaming the Chrome