Free as in Beer

Reading Time: 1 minute During the dot com boom free SMS was available as part of your account. I used the facility to keep in touch with my team who were out at CeBIT (Hannover Germany) in 2000. I sent SMS messages via my PC, they got them on the phone. It worked a treat. BT experiment Genie … Read moreFree as in Beer

LexisNexis – the web isn’t everything

Reading Time: 1 minute Over the past few days I’ve had an opportunity to use LexisNexis Professional. LexisNexis is an information database drawn from 11,000 publications and other sources. It reminded me of how much information never goes into Google, a quick search revealed far more of my press releases (though not all of them) than a search on … Read moreLexisNexis – the web isn’t everything

Death of community sites: Pollen & BuddyNetwork

Reading Time: 1 minute My inbox last night and today indicated the demise of two community sites Pollen and BuddyNetwork. BuddyNetwork was a virtual business community, for some reason I could never get the site to work on my browser. The site was a peer of the likes of ecademy, but a bit more funky. Pollen was a community … Read moreDeath of community sites: Pollen & BuddyNetwork