The Long Tail

Reading Time: 1 minute There are arguments for-and-against Chris Anderson’s concept of the long tail and discussions have gone back-and-forth on some of the data points that he has used. Its one of them ideas that will be trotted out as a cliche, so that strategic thinkers in a business and, or its consultants can avoid having to think … Read moreThe Long Tail

Too Connected

Reading Time: 1 minute I remember one of my colleagues at the time coming back from media briefings explaining how then 3Com CEO Eric Benhamou had talked about becoming too connected. This was a number of years ago and at the time when the 3Com tag line was ‘more connected’.Benhamou was smart enough to see the implications of the … Read moreToo Connected

Missing in Action

Reading Time: 1 minute blackbunny5 Originally uploaded by ElisabethD. Looks like Spin Bunny has annoyed someone again. The PR gossip website was legalled by an unnamed PR agency before and disappeared for a little while last year. For the past week or so the site has been unavailable yet again.Any light that can be shed on the disappearance would … Read moreMissing in Action


Reading Time: 1 minute Essential Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. OK so you have your favourite IM service that you like to use, but its a free world and some people are just wrong and chose MSN instead. Or you have an ID for years on ICQ that some people still use. What do you do with them all? When … Read moreAdium

The Trouble With Blogs….

Reading Time: 1 minute Is that they are an ideal vehicle to fuel dissension. During the former cold war, one of the things that the CIA liked to do was to smuggle photocopy machines into the disident groups behind the Iron Curtain as a sort of DIY kit to create thought crimes. (Both football fanzines and the punk movement … Read moreThe Trouble With Blogs….