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Most Marketers Don’t Use Social Relationship Platforms | Forrester  – I am not that surprised, social relationship platforms such as Hootsuite’s user experience isn’t exactly intuitive. They’re hard to use for the teams that I have worked with on campaigns and their pricing policy isn’t transparent. Instead it’s more like feeding your wallet through a salami slicer. Also with the changes in social platforms, social relationship platforms make less sense

End of the Line? Messaging app in big trouble as active user growth stalls | Techinasia – really?

Flipboard’s Fanfare Fades as Executives Exit, Sale Talks Stall – Bloomberg Business – the writing was on the wall with Flipboard back when I ran into some of their people in Seoul a few years ago

Inside Innoway, China’s $36 million government-backed startup village – in just two years, Beijing city planners transformed a no-frills walkway in the city’s northwest into a symbol of China’s internet ambitions

Mossberg: The Apple TV gets smart | The Verge – wait for the next version basically

Hong Kong is the happiest place in China, according to WeChat posts – Hong Kong is home to the happiest people in Greater China, closely followed by Taiwan

The Architecture of Communication: The Visual Language of Hong Kong’s Neon Signs | NEONSIGNS.HK 探索霓虹 – great article on decoding Hong Kong signage design

(in)visible (de)signs | Designs that often go unnoticed – architecture of communication: the visual language of Hong Kong’s neon signs

A movement in the making – Dupress – some nice slide ware on maker economy

IBM to Buy, But Not the Weather Channel – NBC News – surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Great case study for IBM, surprised if AccuWeather doesn’t receive offers after this

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Places to Live in Luxury in Asia – WSJ – the cost of living in luxury has come down in Mumbai making the Indian financial capital the cheapest place in Asia to live it up, according to a new report that examines the price of top-end goods and services

BMW Icons Guide. – I like the thought put into the icon design

Taxi groups unite to fight Uber with $250m start-up – – interesting meta taxi app (paywall)