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China innovation | 中国的创新

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China innovation – interesting presentation on Slideshare by Benjamin Joffe of +8 Star about how digital innovation has evolved in China and why this historically has been at odds with western perceptions of innovation.

Digital Naturalism from Benjamin Joffe

It also shows the fallacy in innovation being a sustainable differentiator for western brands as Chinese brands take products and services in new exciting directions.Whilst the Chinese government will always game things towards the home side, China’s own companies are no slouches when it comes to innovation.

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Interesting presentation on digital services and business in East Asia

Reading Time: < 1 minuteInteresting presentation by Benjamin Joffe of +8 Star around digital services in Japan, China and Korea with a particular focus on gaming.

The presentation was originally given at Casual Connect in Hamburg in March this year. You can find out more about +8 Star here.

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Jargon Watch: Digital Bulimia | 数字贪食

Reading Time: < 1 minuteI first heard about digital bulimia when my colleague Becky was relating how one of her spare time activities is surfing e-commerce sites, filling up shopping carts with the kind of items they would like to buy for her kids were financial considerations not an option and then abandoning the shopping carts and closing down the computer – a digital equivalent to gorging and purging hence bulimia reference. It is apparently a common place behaviour amongst other parents with young families.

It is a manifestation of a gap between aspirational online behaviour and real-world consumer behaviour and explains why conversions figures and cart abandonment rates maybe stubbornly under-performing for more aspirational, if not quite luxury brands.