Data protection czar + more

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The Mark News | A national balancing act: security of a country and privacy of the individual – interesting read by Giovanni Buttarelli, the EU’s data protection czar. What’s interesting about his essay is how poorly European countries measure up according to their own data protection czar. That in itself is damning

After 80 per cent circulation drop in ten years, NME print edition to go free | Press Gazette – interesting that it is moving to more of a lifestyle publication de-emphasising music; streaming has made music consumption less conscious

McDonald’s hopes to bounce back with customised burger | Marketing Interactive – interesting that McDonalds are trying to go upmarket, interesting how they are having reengineer their processes. Will this go beyond Burger Kings  have your burger your way?

Lunch with the FT: Pavel Durov – – interesting that he travels on a passport from St Kitts and that the Telegram engineering team only stay a few months at a time in one place. They use shell companies to hide what office space they use to shelter from ‘unnecessary influence‘. It’s like something out of one of William Gibson‘s later novels (paywall)

China’s Developing Technology Sector | Stratfor – (paywall)

Why China won’t listen to Western scientists about genetically modifying the human embryo – Quartz – inside China, there are people who are opposed to international standards, citing cultural differences. This force is actually quite powerful sometimes. More China related posts here

Quintessence – Bitcoin: What you didn’t know but always wanted to ask – interesting references to Blockchain

Biology of Distributed Information Systems: Strong Artificial Intelligence is Emerging as we Talk – interesting primer on the current status of AI

The Servitude Bubble — Medium – lets reclaim the economy from the appholes – in the dot com boom the capital came from VCs, this time the capital comes from the sweat of the people at the bottom of the social pile