ChinaLeaks + more news

Reading Time: 3 minutes ChinaLeaks ChinaLeaks: Exposé on Chinese elite’s offshore accounts comes at sensitive time | South China Morning Post – ChinaLeaks is a data set of some 22,000 documents received by the ICIJ that relate to members of China‘s political elites including relatives of Xi Jingping. The documents show how professional service firms helped them hide assets… Continue reading ChinaLeaks + more news

Galaxy Gear + more news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Galaxy Gear No shanzhai Galaxy Gear smartwatches – Shanzhai is the innovation / counterfeit ecosystem in Chinese manufacturing. They make fake iPhones and feature phones with a built in razor, or modelled after a Coke can. So why should Samsung be worried about a lack of Galaxy Gear clones? Shanzhai manufacturers have many faults, but… Continue reading Galaxy Gear + more news

Bakrie Group + more news

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bakrie Group and Path Indonesia’s Bakrie Group leads Path’s $25 million Series C round – Indonesia is the world’s largest muslim country. It is also the country where BlackBerry was popular. If you’re not Indonesian, the Bakrie Group won’t sound that familiar. The Bakrie Group is a conglomerate, it has interests across various industries including… Continue reading Bakrie Group + more news