Chip market growth + more things

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Chip Market Projected to Grow 7% | EE Times – chips in mobile phones and tablets will drive a significant portion of the growth in the semiconductor market this year. PC demand continues to wane, but strong memory growth and higher average selling prices (ASPs) in DRAM and NAND will boost the semiconductor market in 2013, IDC predicts. – this also means an orientation in the chip market away from the likes of Intel towards TSMC, Qualcomm, ARM, Samsung and HYNIX

Fulfilling customer requirements is a weapon at IBM – I, Cringely – raises the problems of briefing

London’s New Recycling Bins Will Be Watching Every Step You Take | Motherboard – wi-fi and MAC numbers used. What is more interesting is how long they keep the data for and how they use it?

The US Government Killed Three Secure Email Services This Week | Motherboard – not exactly true, but US government actions made one service reconsider the environment they were operating a one service was cracked by the FBI and the last one shut down rather than comply with government court order. More security related content here.

Chinese shoppers like big box retail, just not the Western kind – Quartz – no cultural context for instance pricing strategy (bargains on staples, premium rates on high-end brands) and wet markets

DC Protesters Out Undercover Police Officer Through Twitter – you aren’t undercover with social media

American consumers are being asked to save the global economy—again – Quartz – oh Lordy

3D printing: Out of the box | The Economist – The Economist has written about 3D printing we are now starting up to the peak of elevated expectations. Come back and take a more realistic view at 3D printing in 18-24 months whilst it is in the trough of disillusionment and get ready for productive use

What next for Morrisons? Industry says clear up pricing and the brand and get out from ‘under the bushel’ | Marketing Magazine

BBC introduces cautions for user-generated content |

SEO: Google Devalues another Link-building Tactic | Practical eCommerce – news wires and press releases this time

Mobile commerce outlook 2013 | Mobile Commerce Daily – (PDF)

Mobile commerce reaches tipping point | TNS – as with most of these things agencies want to be positive in order to generate more new work. However interesting data about mobile wallets, mobile banking and payments

Good news, space colonists! Researchers have figured out how radiation damages spacecraft hulls | ExtremeTech

China’s Leaders Warm Up to Big Data for Better Governance | SiliconANGLE

AAPL: iPhone Resale Value Holds Better in China than for Samsung, Says Piper – Tech Trader Daily –

How Much Will PRISM Cost the U.S. Cloud Computing Industry? | The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation – $22 to $35 billion over the next three years apparently

Apple’s iPhone charger take-back program is genius PR—and it may even boost the bottom line – Quartz

WinCo: Low-Key, Low-Cost Grocer Called ‘Wal-Mart’s Worst Nightmare’ |

How good are LinkedIn’s new analytics? | Econsultancy

A German Giant in Decline: How Siemens Lost its Way – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Samsung’s “3D Vertical” NAND crams a terabit on a single chip | Ars Technica

US Government green paper on copyright – streaming a felony