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European PRISM anger gains momentum with fresh cloud warnings and data threats — Tech News and Analysis – interesting addendum at the end about the challenge of health2.0 services due to data privacy trust issues. What we’ll see post PRISM disclosures is a wider skepticism of cloud services. PRISM also builds into the wider European dislike of American big technology companies


Airline Alliance Helped in Crash Aftermath – WSJ – interesting how Asiana has leveraged Star Alliance partners

CBI warns on EU exit: ‘We’ll never be a Switzerland’ – Telegraph – part of the larger great restructure where ‘Old Europe’ as neo-cons called it reflect and work out what their value is in the world today

Shell Picks New Chief Executive – – focus on LPG and gas to liquids production (synthetic diesel)

Consumer behaviour

Public Shaming – Women’s Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli Deemed “Undeserving Ugly Fat Slut” By Sexists Because She’s Not A Tall Skinny Blonde – gobsmacked by some of the vile tweets collected

Britain’s teenagers want to work, not find fame, survey finds | The Observer

Millennials Still Want Their Newspapers |

Contagious Content – What People Share on Facebook and Why They Share It


The soundtrack to my week was compiled a list of the best mixes of 2013 (so far) as compiled by Rolling Stone magazine. More here.


Beyond Helvetica: The Real Story Behind Fonts in iOS 7 | Typographica


Recovery woes: America’s second-largest employer is a temp agency | – Walmart then Kelly Services

German industrial orders down unexpectedly – RTÉ News – I guess it depends what you mean by unexpected. I thought it was reasonable to expect given the state of the Eurozone trading partners Germany exports to and the decline in growth in China


Apple USB SD Reader Patent Worries Rivals | BGR – advantage in designing size zero products


What It Means That Humans Invented Farming Twice | Motherboard – challenges preconceptions and validity of intellectual property as a concept


Fastest Growing Japanese Exports – Euromonitor International

Nintendo: Jefferies Starts at Buy; Massive Earnings Miss Will Prompt Change – – expects Nintendo to move franchises to mobile gaming and tablets

Bringing ‘Made in Great Britain’ label to Japan ‹ Japan TodayThe British government should encourage British companies to make products in their home country. They should try to concentrate on innovative products that are made in the UK


Lisa Maffia is obviously not as down with the kids as she would like to think:


Who’s Buying Luxury Watches? | The Financialist – but the local papers here say that sales are down 20 per cent year on year


Three years on: Has the Times digital subscription project worked?

Three Strikes and You’re Still In – France Kills Piracy Disconnections | TorrentFreak

Guardian gets online traffic boost from Snowden story, now nipping at NYT’s heels — paidContent

Global Advertising Study 2013 – IHS – interesting metrics that show North America and Asia way ahead of Europe

Greenwald: Journalist, activist, media transparentist – interesting illumination about how the media is so poor at telling their own story

Scotland Yard seeks Rupert Murdoch secret tape | The Guardian


UK Supreme Court Asks CJEU Whether the Internet is Legal | Kluwer Copyright Blog


Aldi’s Manifest Destiny: The Discounter Moves West – Euromonitor International


Apple’s security strategy: make it invisible | Macworld


High Scalability – The Architecture Twitter Uses to Deal with 150M Active Users, 300K QPS, a 22 MB/S Firehose, and Send Tweets in Under 5 Seconds

News – Apple, closer to Android in the US as Carrier Distribution Grows – Kantar Worldpanel


Technology Workers Are Young (Really Young) – – just like Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs – use them up and wear them out

Former Windows chief explains why it’s so hard to go cross-platform | CITEworld

Blog – Did Sharp Just Sell Out to China? | EE Times – and then there is display tech from Qualcomm that Sharp can take advantage of

Governments to target tech giants’ tax avoidance: draft | Reuters


Leading Japanese Carrier NTT DoCoMo Losing Customers as iPhone Deal Remains Elusive – Mac Rumors – Galapagos wireless syndrome in action?

BBC News – Smartphone becomes in-car head-up display – interesting comments about the limitations car manufacturers face in terms of speed of innovation in vehicles

The iPhone Hasn’t Saved T-Mobile USA Yet –

Tablets and Smartphones Phenomenal Growth – Euromonitor International