The Mac Is Dead, Long Live The New Mac

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Mac Is Dead, Long Live The New Mac Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. Picture courtesy of Apple Computer Inc. Last Saturday evening, my trusty iBook G3, gave up the ghost in spectacular fashion, I needed a replacement machine sharpish to do work from home. This meant that the usual online shopping expedition was off the … Read moreThe Mac Is Dead, Long Live The New Mac

A tale of two microchips

Reading Time: 2 minutes OK, I was wrong. My rationale focused too much on Intel’s present difficulties and techology. Apple is moving to Intel processors, the rationale behind it is being endlessly debated in the media but there was some interesting strands that I wanted to pull out: At the present time the PowerPC is a great architecture, none … Read moreA tale of two microchips

Godfather of Gaming Holds Court

Reading Time: 1 minute Always On reports on the wisdom imparted by Nolan Bushnell. Nolan founded Atari, and gave some of Silicon Valley’s finest their big break. Key outtakes below: Computer gaming is isolating. 90 per cent of board games are bought by women to help bring their families together, whilst solitaire is the most popular computer game. The … Read moreGodfather of Gaming Holds Court

Tech silly season Apple and Intel reports

Reading Time: 1 minute Every so often there is media reports about Apple and Intel rumours. Usually the speculation runs along the lines that Apple may be getting ready to move the Mac platform on to Intel chips. Its not likely to happen, especially at the moment. Intel has a number of problems that would make it unappealing to … Read moreTech silly season Apple and Intel reports