No one is innocent

Reading Time: 3 minutes So spoke monkey boy Steve Ballmer when he accused iPod users have having devices filled with pirated music. Just in the same way as open standards means compatiable with any 32bit version of Windows, so pirated means not using proprietary Microsoft technology. If you are offended about being called a thief, you can tell Steve […]

Typhoon Google

Reading Time: 2 minutes After the devastation that occurred in Florida by hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne signs of a long running typhoon struck in Cupertino, California. The effects of the typhoon centred on the marketing department of Apple Computer and its data centre. Following on from the launch of GMail earlier this year, Apple has upped the […]

TabletPC yet again

Reading Time: 1 minute CurrentAnalysis, an industry analyst house that I have some respect for have a very nice top line piece on the TabletPC a couple of weeks ago. The key highlights are that a TabletPC is going nowhere without: – A stronger retail presence – A keyboard (what they call a convertible: a laptop were the screen […]

GoatCactus and Screen Ghosts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Holy Smokes I hear you cry, what on earth can such a bizarre heading mean? Before you ask we haven’t been hitting the magic mushrooms again. Facetop is a project at the University of North Carolina to ‘ghost’ video conference participants on to a computer screen, check here. No more annoying iChat screens GoatCactus is […]

China Leads The Way

Reading Time: 1 minute America historically has led the Internet, by setting many of the technology standards and being home to many of the main companies whose technology underpins and makes use of the Internet. A small geeky announcement on indicates that the balance is shifting. The announcement is significant; think of it this way, how many extra […]