Reading Time: 1 minute Picture courtesy of Motorola The San Jose Mercury has an interesting article on the ‘new’ addition of mobile chat for young people facilitated by the Motorola A630 phone pictured. This provides a mini keyboard and phone all in one. Despite initial appearances the phone does not have anyway near as much features as a Treo […]

Memories of Audrey

Reading Time: 1 minute Bob Cringely wrote an interesting article about the need for internet appliances such as 3Com’s Audrey to provide internet access for the slow adopters and laggards. internet appliance were orginally muted as an idea by Larry Ellison of Oracle as part of his network computing vision.They failed because of the topsy turvy economics that have […]

Oprah Time: Running Money by Andy Kessler

Reading Time: 2 minutes Andy Kessler’s Running Money, Hedge Fund Honchos, Monster Markets And My Hunt For The Big Score is a well written set of memoirs from a technology fund manager. Together with his partner-in-crime Fred Kittler, Kessler managed to survive the highs and lows of the technology industry in the late 1990’s, he tells the story in […]

October’s Last Steve Ballmer and iPod Post

Reading Time: 1 minute As you can see from looking at the blog archive Steve Ballmer and his comments on the iPod have made a bit of a stir and got this humble blog some outside links. After all the hullaballoo I was sent this flash animation that makes fun of Steve’s famous motivational speech to Microsoft developers and […]

Stop Press: Apple numbers rocket

Reading Time: 1 minute Apple’s financial results go off the scale, Bloomberg reports on the record profits here. The numbers were driven by iPod and laptop sales, they could have been higher if the iMac was launched on time. You can listen to the Apple audio webcast here. There was an issue with getting adequate supply of G5 micro […]